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Genestealer Patriarch

All hail the four armed emperor!

This was another of my ‘start building, take years to finish’ projects. I was given one of the old classic seated patriarch models from Warhammer 40k but it was missing the throne. That’s nothing that will stop me, so I started designing.

Started in Nov 2016, it wasn’t finished until Oct 2021!

It needed something to base the scene on and give it a narrative. To do this, I created a backstory around the idea of a throne room for a Patriarch on a feudal world. Taking some inspiration from Frank Frazetta images, I managed to get a couple of slave minis and a Necromancer model from Games Workshop as well as a few upgrade pieces for Genestealer cultists to use.

I felt I needed to make some change to the Necromancer model, to make him a little more themed. He was greenstuffed to give him a bigger hump and expanded his robes to make them less undeady.

I started messing about with the base to make some details such as a carpet, the poles behind the scene, 3d printed a couple of urns even though only one was used and the wall which was made from blue foam carved with the stone pattern.

The banners behind the throne are freehanded onto some spare fabric left-over from the Flying Galleon.

As the slave minis are a little… erm… yeah… I painted one of them up with purple skin tones to suggest she is a Genestealer hybrid.

She went on with the magus being a bit creepy to her. I then worked on other details like the slime around the organic throne base.

Then working on his military advisor which was a kitbash of some 40k and Warhammer parts.

Before working on the main man himself.

Then it’s was putting the final pieces in place and taking some snaps.

Final pics

I tried to add plenty of details without overloading it with too much. hopefully, it’s a fun little scene with plenty to look at.

The finished piece has gone back to the chap who gave me the original metal Genestealer model in the first place. He’s a big GSC player and thought it should go back to the owner.