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Fallout Deathclaw

Who wouldn’t want a Fallout Deathclaw head watching over them as they’re working? Nothing creepy about that at all. Honest.

A bit of a change on this in that I didn’t sculpt it, I just painted it. I do like the Fallout games and I remember nearly missing a train home from University one year as I was so busy playing the first one when it came out. I’ve not played the latest one (Fallout 4) but it is sitting waiting to be played one day when I find some time.

The bust comes from Brazen and Bold productions and comes as a three part kit. The head and two horns. While not 1:1 scale (that would probably be too terrifying) it is pretty chunky in size. I knew when I got it that I wanted a suitable wall mount for it so managed to go skip diving in a local garage and found this hunk of metal.

rusty metal car part

metal chunk of something

This cleaned up a treat when it was buffed with a wire brush and I put some wood behind it to mount the head onto.

Rusty and woody

There was minimal cleaning to the actual head to be done, just some seams and a couple of little air bubbles but on the whole this is a really nice casting. I filled the seams between the horns and head a little but other than that I didn’t do much else.

Fallout Deathclaw

the assembled head

I assembled the bust and tested it on the wall to see if it was ok or if it would rip the wall down.

Fallout Deathclaw on the wall

it works!

Then paint…

painting the Fallout deathclaw head

adding paint

and paint…

Fallout Deathclaw bust

more paint

It was painted with Games Workshop paints in my airbrush and was mainly just blocking out shapes and forms then tidying up with a little brush work.

So now I have a Deathclaw hanging on my Fallout vault cellar wall, watching me…


Fallout Deathclaw

Deathclaw bust on the wall

Go and checkout Brazen and Bold productions to see some of the other awesome stuff they do. They’re also cellar dwellers.

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