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Kickstarter the year


Well this is going to be interesting. Duncan Craig AKA Zombiemedia AKA that bloke wot I dun a tutorial about is doing a kickstarter about tshirt design.

kickstarter bleeee

kickstarter chewie

kickstarter nubSo at this point you’re probably thinking “how much is he paying you to promote this kickstarter?” but the thing is, the poor fool asked me to help out with some of the pledge rewards.

The kickstarter features artwork and exclusive t-shirts by a group of 10 rather talented bods and I’ve been brought in to sculpt some one of a kind figure based on the 10 characters designed for the book, plus theres a level where the backer gets to design a character, have it illustrated by one of the designers and then I’ll sculpt it.

I’ll be baking these first three once the I’ve finished number 3, then moving onto the next batch. Once I’ve got a few done I’ll turn to painting them and awaiting the 11th design with trepidation…

Below you can see the 10 designs of the t-shirts created for the kickstarter and its a really nice bunch of characters. One or two are making me a touch nervous but theres some saying about not getting killed and becoming stronger which probably applies here.

By the way, the Star Wars figures in the photos are for scale and part of a silly injoke.

kickstarter backer level

Read more BACK IT here: Kickstarter


One of my current ‘other’ projects that I’ve recently started is a Justice Dept helmet based on the helmets from the 2012 Judge Dredd film and I’m already working on the scowl.
Judge Dredd helmet

I don’t think I’ll be getting a call to appear in any sequel…

The plan is to cast it and make a few so I can do a Mega-city version (USA) and Brit-cit version (UK). A full write up will come once I’ve done it but basically it the same process as the Magneto helmet I made last year. A paper frame and then layered up with resin and car body filler, the new step will be once the shape is done, I’ll mould it with something a touch lighter.

I’m having to do most of the work outside at the moment as its too messy to do inside. Because of this progress is slow, this weekend has been cold and wet so nothing has been done.

The Horned God

One last thing I nearly forgot, the Horned God is now available on Etsy.