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Love at first commandment

While ambling home from a day of sharpening my crayon collection at work, I spotted some words on the back of a ‘Hello Kitty’ tea set which said that ‘I would fall in love instantly with this charming tea set’.

Now is that instructions or a statement? If its a statement then its not true, as I clearly felt no form of romantic interest in the set. If it was instructions then I’m obviously quite rich in the man gene which makes all blokes ignore instructions and just get on with building the wardrobe/bookcase/flatpacked monstrosity.

Anyway, enough about my interest in Hello Kitty tea sets. I was reminded the t’other day that I hadn’t finished one of my propaganda posters for the Holy Empire of Dave. I should have myself shot for not being a good propaganda coordinator. I have now finished the design and will flog myself 20 times as penance.
How will I punish myself if I ever actually finish any of my other pet projects?