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Amulet of Domination

Hearthstone – Amulet of Domination

Amulet of Domination
My final version of the Amulet of Domination

A few months ago I bought a pack of Aves epoxy sculpt to try out as I keep hearing good things about it. After a few trials with some small pieces I thought I’d have a go at a larger thing to get an idea how it could be worked and carved. I picked a design that I’d seen and really liked, which was the Amulet of Domination from the cardgame Hearthstone, and had a go at sculpting one of them.

It took about 5 hours in total to make over a couple of days. I would do a bit, then let it set, before sanding or carving it back a bit, then sculpting a bit more. It does carve really well and makes a nice sharp edge when worked. I was quite impressed with how it could be worked. Smoothing was easy as well when it was still setting. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Its like using Milliput for sculpting but its much firmer and a bit cheaper for the volume.

Once it had been painted I made a mould and cast a few, mainly for practice but also because I’d had a couple of people ask if it would be available to buy. I’m sure it would make a nice paperweight or .

Its now available in my Etsy Store as both painted and unpainted versions.