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Zbrush Tomfoolery

This is a WIP model based on a sketch by Glen Southern on the Subdivision forum called frogbear. the challenge is to model something based on his sketch and this proved to be a goo place to pickup zbrush and get on with some practice. I spent most of the weekend redoing the topology based on the zsphere body I blocked out and this quick render shows the stage I am up to after a few hours messing with it. I’m really pleased with it so far as it may be crude next to some zbrush stuff but it does represent several huge technical landmarks so far. Its like an xbox game, i should be getting achievement awards along the way. I was tempted to go back to c4d several times but its all down to practice, practice, practice…. and some booze to numb the pain 🙂

He’s not pretty…

…but he sure is starting to look good.

Between zbrush crashing about half a dozen times and a memory error on c4d (must remember to not use such big textures) i’m shocked I got anything done on him. Arms next? Or maybe his mouth guard thingy. The head robes need a good texture to help it get picked out against the body robes. Must remember to move his head up and to the left slightly.
Bit narked that some of his texture work on the head can’t be seen but such is life.

Glass jaw

Prompted by a tweet last week I signed up for subdivision_modeling last week to take part in a contest to model a humanoid head with a metal jaw. As I have often tried to get into zbrush (only after owning it for 5 years) I figured it would be a good place to start. I modeled a quick head in c4d then, using GoZ, plopped it into zbrush and set to. Sadly Wednesday was a bit of a write off as was Sunday, but I managed to get something together which came out pretty well for me. I wasn’t too happy with the metal jaw (shades of 40k ork having an offspring with Trapjaw from MoTU) but the head has given me the Idea to put it into the mechanicus model. voila! instant head. I was always a bit iffy over the head for him as I didn’t know how to tackle it so this is perfect. The jaw is hidden by his collar thingy so no problems there and his eyes can be done with the mass of bionic eyes I started.

These are some test renders to try out material and displacement transfers from zbrush to c4d. Its not perfect but its pretty good. I didn’t expect c4d to produce 100% perfect results but i’m happy with this so far as I have never textured anything in zbrush before. I will spend a bit of time on finishing the textures but not too much as the head is hardly visible under the robes.





Full Mechanicus lovefest is here: