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A few months/years/whenever ago someone made a glib about my sites ‘tutorials’ section only containing one tutorial. As most of the other stuff I have written in the past for things like AE are all out of date I have now scrapped the tutorials section and replaced it with a freebies section in a rather misguided attempt to give something back to the creative community, upon who’s teat I’ve been suckling on for a rather long time. I will add new things now and then as I upload them in the meantime here is the starting lineup.

Days cycled to work: 20
Days driven: 0


I had the weird thing pop into my head last night as I was dozing off. So I sketched it at work today and have spent the last hour or three (with Saving private Ryan going in the background) drawing him. Also I had a craving for ice cream earlier and I thought he may have the same feeling so he is calling for some. Mmmmmm

The hands and feet are just blocked out rough at the moment but I think he looks like a Wookie gone wrong somehow…

Seriously need to finish this now

Is anyone else bored with this? (Hell is anyone even reading this drivel?) I’m getting bored of it which means I may never finish the damn thing. Just the left arm to do then shading on the skull, some more of the body then I’m calling it quits.

One problem. I don’t know what to do with the arm.

One is obviously infront of the guitar but the other… I just don’t know what to do with it. Hang it over the neck, draped behind (hard to see and looks weird) or just leave it hidden.

On a totally unrelated note, I started messing with writing word press themes from scratch today. It seems pretty simple to make a basic theme from scratch but getting fancy effects similar to jquery in there is tougher without knowing some php. Why can’t I go back to gluing plastic and bits of wood together? Much simpler…