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A few months/years/whenever ago someone made a glib about my sites ‘tutorials’ section only containing one tutorial. As most of the other stuff I have written in the past for things like AE are all out of date I have now scrapped the tutorials section and replaced it with a freebies section in a rather misguided attempt to give something back to the creative community, upon who’s teat I’ve been suckling on for a rather long time. I will add new things now and then as I upload them in the meantime here is the starting lineup.

Days cycled to work: 20
Days driven: 0


I had the weird thing pop into my head last night as I was dozing off. So I sketched it at work today and have spent the last hour or three (with Saving private Ryan going in the background) drawing him. Also I had a craving for ice cream earlier and I thought he may have the same feeling so he is calling for some. Mmmmmm

The hands and feet are just blocked out rough at the moment but I think he looks like a Wookie gone wrong somehow…

Seriously need to finish this now

Is anyone else bored with this? (Hell is anyone even reading this drivel?) I’m getting bored of it which means I may never finish the damn thing. Just the left arm to do then shading on the skull, some more of the body then I’m calling it quits.

One problem. I don’t know what to do with the arm.

One is obviously infront of the guitar but the other… I just don’t know what to do with it. Hang it over the neck, draped behind (hard to see and looks weird) or just leave it hidden.

On a totally unrelated note, I started messing with writing word press themes from scratch today. It seems pretty simple to make a basic theme from scratch but getting fancy effects similar to jquery in there is tougher without knowing some php. Why can’t I go back to gluing plastic and bits of wood together? Much simpler…

Chanting evil

Today was the first day of the Suffolk Skillz event which I was taking part in. As a rep of CSD I was there along with three other able bodied victims to teach them some of the thought process in web design. Its basically 45 minutes of chaos as we run a mini agile scrum with year 7 students to develop the content for their schools website using post-it notes and Balsamiq mockups software. Fun but hard on the feet/mind.

I also went to pick up the little un from Brownies this evening only to find them sitting in a circle and chanting something over and over again. To me it sounded vaguely demonic but then what do I know about Brownies and the rites of passage they perform there. She wont tell me but insists she needs brimstone, a goats head and three pieces of chalk next week. Dunno if I have any chalk left.

On a side note, I’ve finally finished my first tutorial on the site. Its a tutorial requested to show how I did my posters and as I tend to make things up as I go, there isn’t a lot of structure to it. Its done though so I’m happy.

They call him Sir

As requested, I started to produce a short tutorial based around how I did my previous two posters and found a photo of the sucker person who requested the tutorial. I have started it and took many screen caps during the process and now face the job of writing up my notes. Not an easy job as I kept changing things heavily along the way.


Anyway, here the finished poster, I will attempt to write up the tutorial at some point.

Love at first commandment

While ambling home from a day of sharpening my crayon collection at work, I spotted some words on the back of a ‘Hello Kitty’ tea set which said that ‘I would fall in love instantly with this charming tea set’.

Now is that instructions or a statement? If its a statement then its not true, as I clearly felt no form of romantic interest in the set. If it was instructions then I’m obviously quite rich in the man gene which makes all blokes ignore instructions and just get on with building the wardrobe/bookcase/flatpacked monstrosity.

Anyway, enough about my interest in Hello Kitty tea sets. I was reminded the t’other day that I hadn’t finished one of my propaganda posters for the Holy Empire of Dave. I should have myself shot for not being a good propaganda coordinator. I have now finished the design and will flog myself 20 times as penance.
How will I punish myself if I ever actually finish any of my other pet projects?