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Wax off

The two objects are now merged and cleaned up.

And one large render later…

Now to turn this into a banner and tiny little avatar where noone can see any of the details i’ve put in…

If anyone wants to download the c4d files they are available below. One is the two items (skull and blobby waxy bit) separate in case anyone wants to use them separately and the other is the cleaned up mesh of the two items as one object. Both zip files contain the materials, textures and alphas for the scene.

NB, the renders are setup with colour correction so there are some filters setup on the materials to adjust for a gamma adjustment.

Non merged version

merged version seal


I’ve been harassed by one of my ‘lovable’ ex-coworkers into doing some graphics for him and his website. I’ve done a couple of things for him in the past but still the constant harassment continues. Tsk… what I am to do? Do I give up my own free time to accommodate requests from people to do things for little to no reward?

Well its my own fault for being such a sucker for hard luck cases. :p

On the plus side this is actually not a bad little job and, fingers crossed, wont take long. I’ve also been working non-stop on web projects for the last few weeks so the chance to do something graphic is a nice change.

I’ve been asked to produce a banner which includes a purity seal for a 40k themed blog/website along with an avatar for forums (are those things STILL going?) so break out the 40k refs and here we go.

A couple of hours in and I’ve got a blobby shape in the background for the main seal part and started to build the skull as a separate mesh which is unfinished at the moment. One of the hardest parts is getting the material to look like wax. Wax itself is a prime candidate for some SSS action but I’ve never got to grips with the damn shader but i’ve added it in here. As a start its pretty good and the next step will be to finish the skull then combine the two meshes. I want it to be a single object which will help give the illusion of a solid blob of… whatever the hell purity seals are made from. I mean, come on… These things are stuck to Astartes and stay stuck. They cannot be wax, they have to be some form of super hard material. Maybe they are made from Space Marines ear wax. Yeah, that’s it. As part of a marines genetic modification they produce a super dense ear wax which is harvested from the Chapters heroes to form new purity seals.

Anyway, after merging the mesh, it will be a case of making the little papery dangles. Emperor only knows what they are made from…..

I’m going to tweak the final to remove any marine influence and add that to Mr Mechanicus. Remember him? (My harddrive hasn’t forgotten him) Another reason to do this. 🙂