This is something which has puzzled me for years and for some reason its just popped into my mind.
When we used to drive to Wales when I was a wee one, we would often stop at a fish and chip shop on the way. I remember at the time thinking that the open/closed sign was a bit off because when it was open the sign showed a happy fish, but when it was closed the fish looked sad.

Now call me Mr Pointless here but i would have though the fish would be happy the plaice [sic] is shut because its not about to be eaten.

Getting there

It’s coming on well.

Several pages are up and partially running and I would even go as far as saying the site is about 43.564783% done.

To do list:
A few more tweaks and the 3d section will be done then its time to tackle the 2d bit.
The php reply form needs sprucing up.
The video page needs looking at. How am i going to get video onto the page without using popups? Download links?
More links needed.
The WIPs page… i am going to need to pick what ISN’T going there as i’m stacked with the damn things. Still it would give me a good place to sort them out and pick something to finish.
The hame page needs an intro of some kind, but remember, no fluffy welcome nonsense…