My name is Dave Kirkby & I am a visual artist (Pretentious n'est ce pas?)

Honestly, this content is stale and I need to update everything. Please skip all this and go straight to the blog for all of the interesting stuff.

Still here? OK then. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This is my personal website where I share my work and ramblings with the internet at large but if you want more up to date info, your best bet is my Facebook page which I tend to drop stuff onto on a weekly basis.

I've worked with clients from around the world, given more than a few talks, run some workshops, been published in several books and magazines, and I've even been known to do some proper work (when pushed). While this is my main site, the interesting stuff is in the blog but you can also find me on deviantart, shouting at anyone who will listen on Twitter and some of my work was available to buy on Etsy but thats on hold at the moment.

Chances are I'm asleep as you read this so please don't make any noise or wake me up as you browse around. If you want to talk to me, stick a post-it note on my head and shut the door quietly as you leave. Ta.