I spent two hours last night pushing 14 year old super sculpey through a pasta machine. I not only seem to have broken the widest setting on it I also seem to have a dull ache in my arm. Yes, all this means I have a new idea for a sculpture and tonight I started on the armature by milliputing a bit of metal to another bit of metal. Oh the excitement.

While its setting, I’ve been going back to zbrush to try and get into the texture process and managed to finish this chaps hood off. The head is finish (teeth, eyes and skin) I just need to tackle the bone. FNARRRRRRRRRR.

Days cycled to work: 45
Days walked to work through snow and ice: 2
Days driven: 0

quick c4d test render

More texture work. More zbrush loving. More cowbell. More tiredness.

Using GoZ I dumped old bod here into c4d to do a quick test render of the material i’ve been painting and he’s coming along nicely.

The specular is far too high but then I should probably do a map for that as well. I think a tiny bit more work on the skin then onto the rest of the body.

Now in colour

I’m getting in the mood for the summer ‘super-family-special-holiday-funtime’ by clearing out some of my harddrive and playing with unfinished projects, so here is a little update of frogbear with a touch of colour. This is the start of a base coat for the skin and I have no idea what I am aiming for but its pretty fun to play with brushes paint tools, even if the damn thing keeps crashing… I’m not sure about the green at the moment and may go for a more browny tone but the sickly green does have a nice unearthly feel.