Fleshy Friends – Fleshy Cthulhu

I’m on a roll now, two projects written up and a new one today. Its like a really bad Christmas. Next up is a project that I loved working on because it was quite different from anything I’d done up until now. This is a Fleshy Cthulhu statue based on a design by one of the chaps I met while visiting Bristol to drop off the Gavin army. His blog is called Fleshy Friends and has some insane designs.

Fleshy Cthulhu lives

Fleshy Cthulhu

There are those who don’t like cute Cthulhu items (me being one) and I have to agree that theres a lot of chaff out there which has a cute face and a few tentacles. What I love about the Fleshy Friends designs is that they look like something out of a David Cronenberg film. This Cthulhu design looks like it should be cute but isn’t and i wouldn’t want to cuddle it. A bit like naked cats, very unheimlich.

Working with the design, I first sculpted the body and tentacles as two seperate pieces to make the casting stage easier.


Checking they fit correctly when roughly held together.


Then with an updated design, I added a base.

Cthulhu statue with base
Cthulhu based

I also had to tweak the mouth area a little.

Cthulhu baked and primed

Baked and primed, he was now ready for casting. The bit in the chest was for the jewel to be pixed in place once cast and painted.

Cthulhu ready for casting

Theres a video on my Facebook page of me pouring the silicone but this is the end result. Two slabs of silicone.

slabs of silicone

I hate cutting moulds. It seems like you spend all this time and money only to slice the damn thing up.


They came out ok though when the resin was poured.


Clones of Cthulhu.


Then a few more got cast and painted.

Cthulhu painted

The blue jewel in the chest is a clear plastic gem that is sprayed with a paint that is for stained glass. Its the same paint I used to colour the engines on my Galactica kit.

And they’re now available in my Etsy shop.

Some more pictures of the final piece along with some WIPs are available for your perusal.


Another update. Not even sure if anyone is reading these. When we last saw our intrept manservant he was waiting to see if he would be mass produced or just become a one of a kind. Well, after a tense finale, the Kickstarter made it and the cloning tanks started to output a host of Gavin.

Send in the clones

One piece which was cast in a two part block of silicone.

While the body was another slab.


This let me cast them up easily in two parts. Then, after a bit of cleaning/sanding/filling, they got glued together and then the loooooong job of painting was started.


Then more paint.


Until there was a grand army of the republic.


After a varnish and basing I was able to get them herded together into a couple of boxes. Then over one weekend they got CAREFULLY driven from the dungeon in Suffolk to Bristol via Kent (long story) before being handed over to Rumpus Animation, ready for distribution to the people who backed the game at the correct level.

Here they are in Bristol, being commanded by the lord high Barry Monkey Esq.

Barry with his underlings

(Actually, I believe Barry is in charge of cleaning out their litter tray and feeding them while they live in the studio.)

Shortly after finishing them I went to a gig by Professor Elemental who is providing his vocal talents to the game and I did a custom Gavin for him based on his rather snazzy jacket.

At this point I’ve realised that I don’t have a painted Gavin of my own. At the time I was so sick of making them for everyone else that I didn’t make one for myself, this should be fixed one day but not just yet.

Heres a couple of shots of the finished pieces but theres more pictures, including lots of WIPs, in this gallery: https://goo.gl/photos/TL21w7ZD3vu1fpT49

The Penguin sculpt from Batman

Its been almost a year since my last update. Whoops. Most of my updates now happen over on my facebook page but I do feel I should dust off this place a bit and get on with some project updates. Rather than loads of random little updates I’ll try and post when I finish pieces. So in the spirit of “I’ve got a lot of updates to squeeze in” heres a bust of the Penguin from Batman.

waugh waugh waugh

The Penguin from Batman bust

Sculpted from normal Super Sculpey with brass rod for the cigarette holder, theres a bit of wire with cotton wool wrapped around it for the smoke.

work in progress with Super Sculpey

The base was made from a piece of wood that was stained and polished while the bust itself was painted with Games Workshops finest.

Penguin bust

More photos, including WIP’s, are available in this gallery: https://goo.gl/photos/5pzxMcDjqJPnwS98A

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