And the blood shall flow

owwwww ooowww oooooooooooooooooowwwwww I’ve just sliced a chunk out of my finger while carving up a model kit.

I recently got hold of a 40k Valkyrie model kit as reference for the 3d model of a i’m putting together in Cinema 4d. I’ve been slowly putting the kit together and its helping no end with the production of the 3d model. Mainly because its making me go back and rework bits i’ve ballsed up on. I don’t just want to make a 3d CGI model of a plastic kit but its helping me see the shape of the bodywork and the angles which I just can’t get from a few screenshots from the web. The problem is I’m holding bits of the kit together while looking at it from angles then having to put it down in bits. I can’t glue (or rather plastic weld) bit together as I need to paint the inside parts like the cargo hold and cockpit. I want to paint these bits but at the same time its annoying me that I can’t stick it all together. I think a trip up to GW for some paint is called for.

I’m regressing back to an earlier point in my life…

There was a crit on a forum a few years back when someone posted a model they had made of a Rhino in 3d. A bloke (who I seem to remember was working in the 3d industry) just pointed out that it was nothing more that a 3d version of a kit. None of the parts had been setup as if it was real, such as the track going into the bodywork or the metal grille actually covering something. Its a very valid point which has always stuck with me when i’ve modeled 3d stuff. I don’t know if i’ve ever pulled it off properly but the thought has always been there.

Anyway, between the blood loss and the use of plastic weld in a small, badly ventilated cellar, I need to go and lie down.

oh yeah, screenshot.