Finished Jezail

Finally finished this guy. I’ve not had a lot of time for mucking around this year but managed to squeeze a little time in on Saturday/Sunday and cracked him. The hardest part was probably getting the base done as I had no idea what to do other than I wanted something to hold him in place. What I finally ended up doing was blocking up the wooden base with some Das modeling clay and then adding detail to the base. I found an interesting tutorial on how to create scenic bases at which involves sand and sculpey. My first attempt came out more like a road surface but I’ll try this again sometime.

Another trick I found was painting patina on metal. As the tank on his back is supposed to be bronze I had a look for ideas and came across some painting tips on Games Workshops site about just what I was looking for Painting Ogres – web style This is done with a turquoise wash over the bronze and then tidied up in places.

After some weathering, mainly with ink washes applied a touch too liberally, I am calling him done. I should do some proper photography of him to get some moody shots but for the moment I’m putting him to rest in the cellar and getting ready to tackle something new once I’ve finished a few bits I need to do over the next month.

A full collection of images showing the start to finish process are in my Picasa gallery

Days cycled to work: 17
Days driven: 0

last post

Its probably the last post of 2011 so heres the final state of this chap. I’ve not had a lot of time to work on him but this last evening its been wind down time so i’ve been working on him a bit. The colours are all in place and hes nearly done. All that left is to tidy up the final bits and then think about the base. I’m going to see if i can find some interesting bits of rock over Christmas to base him with.

All thats left is to say Merry Chrimbo to all one of you reading this and roll on 2012 to see what high jinx i can get up to.

Baked Jezail

Hes finally finished. Well, sculpting at least. The final baking process happened Sunday night at around 10:30pm because I thought it would be a good idea to do before bed… yeah smart move there. I watched the gun burn slowly while the rest of him cooked but fortunately no serious damage happened. There are a few cracks in the robes but overall it happened pretty smoothly.
I’ve just given him a once over and a quick spray to get the first coat on him. Next will be crack filling and replacing the one thing that got damaged which was the end of the gunsights. I now need to add some extra details such as the hammer on the rifle, the trigger guard and some extra bits of detail. After another coat to get the spots I’ve missed and cover the new details I’ll leave him for a while for the paint to fully cure. I also need to come up with some sort of colour scheme.