New 2d artwork

I’m taking a minor break from some 3d work to post a couple of 2d illustrations up to my picassa gallery. I’ve added the finished ‘Dead Zebra’s’ (two weeks in the making) and ‘ice cream scream’ (two nights in the making) to the pot. The site is here:

Dead Zebras

Ice cream scream

Now back to 3d or Smith will be round to harass me.

Seriously need to finish this now

Is anyone else bored with this? (Hell is anyone even reading this drivel?) I’m getting bored of it which means I may never finish the damn thing. Just the left arm to do then shading on the skull, some more of the body then I’m calling it quits.

One problem. I don’t know what to do with the arm.

One is obviously infront of the guitar but the other… I just don’t know what to do with it. Hang it over the neck, draped behind (hard to see and looks weird) or just leave it hidden.

On a totally unrelated note, I started messing with writing word press themes from scratch today. It seems pretty simple to make a basic theme from scratch but getting fancy effects similar to jquery in there is tougher without knowing some php. Why can’t I go back to gluing plastic and bits of wood together? Much simpler…

zebras with guitars

I’ve been exploring the murky world of different types of electric guitars this evening in an effort to come up with one for the logo. As this is an area I’ve never delved into before i got marginally disinterested pretty quickly and just picked the first one I saw. As a consequence, when it was copied it from the separate file and pasted it into the zebra one, the colours didn’t coordinate as well as I had planned. Hey ho… I’ve tweaked and this is where I am at so far.