Resident Evil: Nemesis sculpture

A few years ago (2016 ish, probably) I was asked to make a Resident Evil Nemesis figure, but haven’t posted it up here. Time to fix that. I’m not a massive fan of Resident Evil, I like the games but I’m not totally up on the lore so had to do some research before starting.

A basic shape was blocked out in wire and milliput and then sculpted over. I wanted to get a pose that was quite solid as the Nemesis is supposed to be quite a powerful character, so went for a position as if he was walking forward menacingly.

Nemesis armature

I was using Super Sculpy firm so its grey rather than the usual pink. I was using bits of metal to make the staples, buckles and other details so they would survive in the oven. Most was just little strips I cut and bent or clipped as I went along. I also used a few pins for rivets.

basic form

I baked it in parts, doing the body first and the hands after before baking the whole thing again. Sculpey is fine to be baked a couple of times so working in stages helped me focus on different parts.

Baked Nemesis
first baking

Out of the oven. I wrap them in foil before baking as it helps them to not burn. Once out of the oven, any extra work was done with milliput or green stuff so I didn’t have to bake it again for small parts.

and once the hands had been done, I slapped a layer or two of paint on him.

painting in progress
painting in progress

All finished. He currently lives with his owner and hopefully hasn’t murdered any S.T.A.R.S. recently, or his owner.

Finished Resident Evil Nemesis
Finished Nemesis

linky link to a Google images gallery of more in build images.

Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

Oh dear, over a year since the last post. Thats pretty poor going. Nevermind, heres an updated project I just finished, its a 3d printed replica of the fertility idol at the start of Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark.

The main model was a 3d print sent to me by an uni friend and I was going to paint it up and be done with but. researching about the original prop I discovered that the model had eyes which tracked Indy as he skipped over the traps at the start. I also discovered that its a female figure giving birth. Hands up if you thought it was a male figure with a… erm… happy outlook on life.

Not one to turn down a challenge I smoothed out the 3d print with some XTC-3D resin and then set to sanding. Once smooth I cut the back of the head off and inserted some eyes made from brown contact lenses before adding the head back and sculpting over the join.

The base was made by 3d printing a base (in-between being sent this and finishing it I got a 3d printer of my own, more on that another time maybe?) and covering it in milliput before painting and drybrushing to look like stone.

Build photos are below.

3d printed original
primed grey after sanding and coating in XTC-3D
back of the head removed
fake eyes made with contact lenses
sprayed gold before the eyes are added
close up on the eyes
finished Indiana Jones Fertility Idol

More pics in the gallery linked below.

Google images gallery link

Fallout Deathclaw

Who wouldn’t want a Fallout Deathclaw head watching over them as they’re working? Nothing creepy about that at all. Honest.

A bit of a change on this in that I didn’t sculpt it, I just painted it. I do like the Fallout games and I remember nearly missing a train home from University one year as I was so busy playing the first one when it came out. I’ve not played the latest one (Fallout 4) but it is sitting waiting to be played one day when I find some time.

The bust comes from Brazen and Bold productions and comes as a three part kit. The head and two horns. While not 1:1 scale (that would probably be too terrifying) it is pretty chunky in size. I knew when I got it that I wanted a suitable wall mount for it so managed to go skip diving in a local garage and found this hunk of metal.

rusty metal car part
metal chunk of something

This cleaned up a treat when it was buffed with a wire brush and I put some wood behind it to mount the head onto.

Rusty and woody

There was minimal cleaning to the actual head to be done, just some seams and a couple of little air bubbles but on the whole this is a really nice casting. I filled the seams between the horns and head a little but other than that I didn’t do much else.

Fallout Deathclaw
the assembled head

I assembled the bust and tested it on the wall to see if it was ok or if it would rip the wall down.

Fallout Deathclaw on the wall
it works!

Then paint…

painting the Fallout deathclaw head
adding paint

and paint…

Fallout Deathclaw bust
more paint

It was painted with Games Workshop paints in my airbrush and was mainly just blocking out shapes and forms then tidying up with a little brush work.

So now I have a Deathclaw hanging on my Fallout vault cellar wall, watching me…


Fallout Deathclaw
Deathclaw bust on the wall

Go and checkout Brazen and Bold productions to see some of the other awesome stuff they do. They’re also cellar dwellers.

More pictures are in my Google images gallery here:

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