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God created Arrakis to train the faithful

I don’t know about training the faithful but it’s been training my poker face.

A few more games of Dune under the belt and I’ve been enjoying how you can use the cards to create layers of intrigue and out and out base cunning. We only managed to round up five players this time, but the game did feel totally different to just three players as it seemed to flow better with each faction feeling more balanced.

What I really enjoy about the game is the meta part that can be pulled out of the game in progress. At one point I was playing as the Bene Gesserit and was going into battle against a force of Fremen, my one traitor card (traitors can win a battle outright for you if you’re lucky enough to have the leader that the other person plays) was Chani and the Fremen player used Chani in his battle plan. In the first Dune book, Chani works with Reverend Mother Ramallo when Jessica takes the water of life so if you squint really hard and think at an angle, you can almost imagine how this would work.


Well I can and it’s my game so I can meta all I want, so there.

An another note, I cast another Cthulhu but this one has a special birthday, Halloween night.

Spat from the blackest night of the year, it was poured and moulded without any blemishes or imperfections as Cthulhu himself was probably overseeing the process. Much chanting and wailing later it was polished the next day, which was All Saint’s day so maybe some of the evil was drained away. It’s safely on its way to its new owner in Germany and hopefully no primordial evil will follow it.

One last gaming entry, I picked up a load of Black Scorpion Cowboys/cowgirls a few weeks ago and wanted a game to go with them so after some searching around I bought “A Fistful of Lead” to run with them. Last night was the first game I had a chance to play and its a very slick game, well worth picking up and only $6.

Three of us had a two fights, the first was a straight up three way gunfight in which I not only shot Mary Poppins…

But I also killed Jessie from Toy Story…

I’m a bad man.

I had my comeuppance in the second game when the two other players rounded up a posse and hunted down my gang. Five of my gang holed up in a hideout and attempted fend off the other two gangs but, one by one, we got picked off. One guy made a brave dash for a shed full of TNT and came out hurling it around. He managed to blow up Jessie (killing her again) and one other posse member, but was gunned down in a hail of flying lead. My leader lasted a bit longer a flesh wound, but watched helplessly as his gang fell around him. He managed a brave stand to the end and even managed to fight off a round of hand to hand combat (which I should add is even more brutal that Necromundas).


Sadly, in the end he took another bullet and crawled back into the hideout only be taken out by a rather mean cowgirl looking for revenge.


The red tokens on the table are blood markers to show who is dead and the amount of blood (plus the rather scantily clad cowgirls) all added up to a b-movie scenario that would have done Russ Meyer proud.

I bought 1000 lollysticks recently for the princely sum of less than a tenner, so will be aiming to make some western scenery soon which will be a nice change from the woodwork on Dune but I still have to finish Odin and there was a rumbling about Freya being next.

I haven’t been this busy in years…

Welcome to Castleva… oh no wait

Wrong castle.

Me: Hello blog.
Blog: F*ck off
Me: Whazza matter blog?
Blog: BARSTARD. You abandoned me after all those promises of keeping me company
Me: Oh grow up blog, your nothing more than a series of files hosted on a server. You have no emotions or feeling to be hurt
Blog: Fair point. Where have you been anyway?
Me: Well blog, glad you asked. I’ve been working on a couple of little things. Firstly my new day job running a group of website, second is helping out with setting up a rather interesting venture involving tshirts and I am also a father with a family to try and keep in order.
Blog: Don’t forget me!
Me: See my previous answer to that you scruffy collection of files. Although you do make a fair point, I have been learning some HTML5 lovin’. I even bought a copy of Introducing HTML5 By Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp. In many ways its very boring as noone dies, there are no sword fights and even though I looked really, really hard, I didn’t see any spaceships in the pictures. On the other hand its about HTML5 so its rather useful to do the learning thing with.
Blog: Huh, I guess that means your tarting up that flouncy HTML crud next door
Me: Actually I am. Well guessed. is getting a make over at the moment but I am also looking at converting the HTML into a wordpress theme. Fancy a fresh coat yourself?
Blog: Well it would be nice but I know you, you never finish anything
Me: I can dream can’t I? So I should tell you about Castle Ravenloft, thats what I came to tell you about. Its a funky boardgame which has only just come out from Wizards of the coast who currently hold the D&D licence
Blog: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA You geek! Your back to RPG’s now is it? Need more multisided dice? Got your +3 anorak of spoddyness handy? FREAK
Me: Shhh Blog, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome the game is. Its so quick to play that you can pick it up and play in a matter of minutes. Theres the typical characters of fighter, thief, cleric, ranger and wizard and one of the character is even called Immeril* which made me laugh. Anyway we kicked of a game tonight which had a cleric, rogue and fighter enter the Castle looking for the Icon of Ravenloft. The game works well because there are few stats to know and only a few dice rolls to make. No DM is needed and all random events, monsters and exploration is done via card decks and a stack of jigsaw-like board pieces which you reveal as you stumble around in the dark. So far we have run into a few Kobolds, wolves, spiders and a single, rather sorry for himself skeleton. There are loads of minis which come with the game including a f*ckin’ HUGE zombie dragon. Sadly they are soft vinyl so I doubt I will be painting them but they are well detailed and I’m very impressed. One of the adventures can be run sigle player
Blog: Just right for a friendless saddo like you
Me: Hohoho Blog, anyway this is a cracking game that could easily lead into a few game nights
Blog: So your giving up computers now? I doubt that
Me: Yeah its thats happening but I haven’t been online a lot during the last few days for feeling like death warmed over with a cold
Blog: Got a virus! Bwahaha. Should have got better anti-virus protection
Me: F.U. Blog and your geeky jokes toooo, your on a Windows server. I cocked up remember, and didn’t go Apache
Blog: Shit…

*This is only funny if you know my daughters name.