Tonights blog post comes to you with the letter C, S and S

*bangs head on keyboard

I have just spent the last three hours writing and re-writing part of the css of my new look site. I’m pleased to report I have now have a footer which stays at the bottom of the page no matter how little content I have. Its taken me all night to tweak and retweak it to work properly and i’m so chuffed it works/pissed off it took all night.

I could have been doing something far less interesting and I just remember that I was supposed to be finishing off this for an online content

Please RT: I really could do with some help tracking down a film title

This is driving me mad. Ever since going in the colour dome the other day, I’ve been plagued with vague memories of a film I saw when I was younger. It was probably one of those late night jobs that Channel4 was showing as part of a sci fi festival and for the life of me I can’t find anything about it online. So here goes…

From what I remember it was probably made between the late 50’s and early 70’s, was American and I can’t think of anyone really famous in it (or I would have googled them). It was set in the future and there was some kind of war on between the West and East, I don’t remember if specific countries got named. The main star was a shortish balding fella with a nasally voice who played some kind of scientist/doctor and was incharge of debriefing a pilot (or some kind of military officer) who had escaped from the other side. The military was trying to find out if he was a traitor or not as (and this is one thing I am really clear about) if captured, all military personnel are conditioned to have their minds wiped when tortured rather than give up any secrets. They couldn’t figure out if he was reprogrammed to be a saboteur or if he had genuinely escaped. About half way in the doctor chap (I’ve seen the actor before in something but don’t know where) gets accused of being a traitor but basically tells the accusers they are being stupid (possibly a bit harsher than that but you get the drift) and the twist was that the pilot guy had agreed to become a spy/traitor/saboteur/renegade/whatever rather than be tortured, lose his mind and essentially stop being who he is. Yup, this was one of those pseudo cold war type films with sci-fi thrown in that dealt with identity and ideas of self so it was along the lines of ‘Who?’ ( and its obviously not ‘Who?’ as I can remember that film/book) and ‘invasion of the body snatchers’

I think it was all filmed in enclosed sets and can’t remember any being set outside, this is why I remembered this as I think the backgrounds to the enclosed sets all had coloured lights on them. I also have a vague memory that the film was based on one of several books set in this future war scenario. I’ve searched the web trying to find anything about it but I’ve failed to find anything except loads of references to dollhouse (mindwiping… pshaaaaw) so thought i would try a reverse lookup as it were.

If you are reading and don’t know the answer, please retweet it out there and help me restore some kind of sanity to my poor old noggin.

Any questions or answers then please post them below and show off your wise memory. Plus I will award the first person who comes up with the correct answer with a copy of ‘the art of 3d comupter animation and effects’ 3rd edition.

And the blood shall flow

owwwww ooowww oooooooooooooooooowwwwww I’ve just sliced a chunk out of my finger while carving up a model kit.

I recently got hold of a 40k Valkyrie model kit as reference for the 3d model of a i’m putting together in Cinema 4d. I’ve been slowly putting the kit together and its helping no end with the production of the 3d model. Mainly because its making me go back and rework bits i’ve ballsed up on. I don’t just want to make a 3d CGI model of a plastic kit but its helping me see the shape of the bodywork and the angles which I just can’t get from a few screenshots from the web. The problem is I’m holding bits of the kit together while looking at it from angles then having to put it down in bits. I can’t glue (or rather plastic weld) bit together as I need to paint the inside parts like the cargo hold and cockpit. I want to paint these bits but at the same time its annoying me that I can’t stick it all together. I think a trip up to GW for some paint is called for.

I’m regressing back to an earlier point in my life…

There was a crit on a forum a few years back when someone posted a model they had made of a Rhino in 3d. A bloke (who I seem to remember was working in the 3d industry) just pointed out that it was nothing more that a 3d version of a kit. None of the parts had been setup as if it was real, such as the track going into the bodywork or the metal grille actually covering something. Its a very valid point which has always stuck with me when i’ve modeled 3d stuff. I don’t know if i’ve ever pulled it off properly but the thought has always been there.

Anyway, between the blood loss and the use of plastic weld in a small, badly ventilated cellar, I need to go and lie down.

oh yeah, screenshot.