A few months/years/whenever ago someone made a glib about my sites ‘tutorials’ section only containing one tutorial. As most of the other stuff I have written in the past for things like AE are all out of date I have now scrapped the tutorials section and replaced it with a freebies section in a rather misguided attempt to give something back to the creative community, upon who’s teat I’ve been suckling on for a rather long time. I will add new things now and then as I upload them in the meantime here is the starting lineup.

Days cycled to work: 20
Days driven: 0

I really can’t draw penguin feet

I’ve been in a funny mood the last few days. Unsettled would be the word and this has lead to me sketching a few bits in my notebook, on scraps of paper and, at one point, on the dinner plate with some brown sauce. I sketched this penguin at one point and I started to draw him in illustrator only to find I can’t get the feet right.

Two hours work and most of it was deleting the feet.

New 2d artwork

I’m taking a minor break from some 3d work to post a couple of 2d illustrations up to my picassa gallery. I’ve added the finished ‘Dead Zebra’s’ (two weeks in the making) and ‘ice cream scream’ (two nights in the making) to the pot. The site is here:

Dead Zebras

Ice cream scream

Now back to 3d or Smith will be round to harass me.